The Pocits Project

Information Communications 
The 'Pocits Project' is the flagship name for our collection of projects including the Network, Token, and Exchange systems with news and opportunities posted here to be discovered, shared, or followed just like the independent projects of network members.DIRECTOR: The project, like the network itself, is not a corporate entity but rather a collaboration of people, organizations, and companies participating in its development and operations. The project's director and corporate re…

Trav'lyn Dan

Website: (pending)
Trav'lyn Dan is a homesteading project located in the Ludlow township of Northumberland County, New Brunswick. The project is sponsored by the Hovey family who have dedicated a section of their 200 acre property. The mission is to revive the farmland portion of this 100 year old family heritage from its current dormant state into a thriving agricultural enterprise for the benefit of its workers and the local economy. The project owner and manager is William Hunt, a city boy from Ontario and…