The 'Pocits Project' is the flagship name for our collection of projects including the Network, Token, and Exchange systems with news and opportunities posted here to be discovered, shared, or followed just like the independent projects of network members.

DIRECTOR: The project, like the network itself, is not a corporate entity but rather a collaboration of people, organizations, and companies participating in its development and operations. The project's director and corporate representative is Pocits Inc, the R&D think tank founded by Joe Hunt, the creator and architect of the pocits concept.

FUNDING: The project is funded from its 'reserve' and 'enterprise' pools with its ongoing development being key to the cascading distribution of pocitcoin globally. The enterprise pool's global budget is an 8% allotment of the network's total ad-blocks (tokens). The reserve pool's holdings is 1% and was supplied by Pocits Inc as kickstart investment from its 2% holdings of earned tokens. Pocits Inc and the Pocits Project will never receive earnings from's advertising sales which are reserved for grants to the independent enterprise initiatives of the members.

NOTE: Prior to the public sign-up event, all projects posted here, like Trav'Lyn Dan, are beta-projects created by members participating as first-in users at and are essential to our systems development and testing. Each project is independent, self-managed, has its own website, and must meet the qualifications required for grants.

BONUS: To acquire you own pocitcoin ad-blocks, directly support any beta-project by exchanging services, resources or funds as opportunities are made available. (See 'Enterprise' for details)