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Converting an expense to an asset

Advertising is a business must and its bloody expensive too. For North America's automotive sector alone, their collective marketing budget constitutes 21% of the $135 billion online advertising pie. That's an annual slice of $28 billion! A huge expense for just one industry. And the lions' share of that goes into the coffers of just two big tech companies - guess who. But does it have to be so?

After all, isn't the online activity of the people in your town and their demand for goods and services a local and renewable resource by definition? Shouldn't the money spent by the advertisers in your town stay in your town? Could local business sectors benefit their own communities with their marketing budgets?

At we say yes to the above. Engineered to facilitate the business-consumer dynamics inherent within every county, Pocits regional networks compete for online marketing budgets and grants its revenue to local enterprise projects.

The Network

Places Commons Residents

In addition to connecting you with friends and contacts and a multitude of community and business apps that simplify your digital life, the Pocits network engages people, organizations, and corporations as residents of online city and town networks.

And each place scales internationally within their respective county, state, and country networks and compete for local marketing budgets then continuously grants its revenue back to the enterprise projects of local residents. In addition, the platform monetizes independent content creators and broadcasters too. It's quite the interface.

The Grants


By simply marketing goods and services at, advertisers help to support their community's local enterprise. It's a win win!

Enterprise grants are available for private, community and business type projects that register at and get endorsed by their county's local residents. For more details click here or to sign up as a project click here.

The Ad-Block

Product Circulation Time

So how can your marketing budget, parked in low-yielding bank accounts and investments, be converted from a fund for advertising expense into a dynamic commodity that can increase in value and be traded for profit? How can you exchange your cash, and will it be there when you need it? In Pocits' world, advertising is a tradable commodity that can be bought and sold via the POCIT token digital asset which are distributed to each county reserve in proportion to population and backed by a 100 million token trust.

Pending public launch of the network's Commons, companies and professionals can buy any of the ten marketing apps as a typical product-plus-tax purchase and expense at the very moment they need to post it. However, to purchase a blockchain secured commodity that you own and possess, then click on TIME in the shopping cart Marketing menu and select from days, months or year.

Exchange and Redemption

Ad-blocks trade under the name POCIT; a digital asset issued on the Bitshares blockchain that represents ownership of a fixed measure of products, circulation and time for marketing within As the cash price for network marketing rises, you benefit from the upside exchange potential of your ad-block holdings while enjoying the guaranteed buying power of pocitcoin to purchase marketing products for your business needs.

A single token can redeem an entire ad-block which consists of 10 marketing products circulated to a county of 100,000 people for 10 days or any combination thereof. For example, all products to a population of 10,000 people lasts 100 days whereas coupons alone would last for 900 days! The lowest denomination of a POCIT token is 0.00001 or one pocitcoin which redeems one unit of an ad-block to market to one person for 8.64 seconds.

Initial Product Offering - $200 USD

The ad-block is indexed therefore its value is measured against a similar ad-block of competitor products guesstimated at $10,000 USD (see FAQ's Index). We anticipate the cash price for Pocits marketing suite to compete within a 20% to 30% range of our competitors thus, rising to a valuation of $2000 to $3000 at full maturity. That means at the initial cash price of $200 USD per ad-block its a 10 to 15 times multiple for your marketing budget!

In addition, advertisers may acquire any ad-blocks exchanged by project grant recipients and/or by our systems development projects and workers via Pocits-XCHG. The current exchange rate for grants holders is $20 USD each, a $180 discount to the network's cash price premium. Prior to public launch of Pocits Commons, as the Pocit Index rises and the free-market exchange price of pocitcoin exceeds the grant exchange price and/or nears the current ad-block cash price of $200, the county reserve may adjust the grant token exchange rate of $20 and the ad-block price of $200 upward to reflect fair market price and maintain demand for the token over the cash price for marketing products.

Ultimately, the cash price will be permitted to float freely with the exchange price of pocitcoin as driven by advertiser demand for the business-consumer dynamics and superior networking of At this point, the premium charge on advertising cash purchases will only be a nominal exchange fee above the free market price of pocitcoin. Therefore, any available ad-blocks (pocitcoin) below the $200 mark present an opportunity for astute advertisers.

by Joe Hunt
Joe is the creator and architect of the Pocits Project and president of Pocits Inc, the project's corporate director.

COUNTY HOLDINGS: per 100,000 population

(10% of total ad-block supply issued)

Marketing: 1,250 of 12,500

Grants: 10,000 of 100,000


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