There's a new way to connect in your town

The Pocits Project funds the ongoing development of your city's public network and commons through the pre-launch sale of its ad-blocks to beta-clients: a limited number of professionals and corporations are invited to participate in our funding and rewards programs as first-in beta-client sponsors and partners. It's a win-win deal that puts our partners first on public launch day to sell some or all of their ad-block position via a buy-back option of $200 USD; a 10 time multiple! We expect most of our partners will decide to hang on to there position to capture the full upside potential of their holdings which we anticipate to exceed $1000 per ad-block.

In Pocits' world, advertising is a tradable commodity that can be bought and sold as an ad-block. Convert your marketing budget, parked in low-yielding bank accounts and investments awaiting to be expensed for advertising, into a dynamic commodity that can increase in value and be traded for profit. Although the pocits team is hyper-focused on the auto sector to develop and test the platform, any member of is welcome to purchase one or more of the 15,000 ad-blocks via their profile's 'Wallet & Settings'. However, the features and benefits listed below apply exclusively to subscribers of our 150 and 300 Partner Programs below.

15,000 Ad-Blocks available with 10 times return

Use it or sell it on opening day for $200 per ad-block. The baseline measure of one ad-block is 10 marketing products circulated in your city or county commons to 100,000 population for 10 days or any combination thereof. For example, all products to a population of just 10,000 people lasts 100 days whereas coupons alone would last for 900 days! It would be a feat for one client to simultaneously activate all ten products at one time.

Feature and Benefits

  • $200 buy-back option of ad-block ownership
  • corporate, department, associate profile creation and support
  • networking and marketing set-up and support
  • new-member invite status to clients, prospects and contacts
  • ongoing beta-partner development rewards for company and staff


Ad-blocks trade under the name POCIT, a digital asset issued on the Bitshares blockchain that represents ownership of a fixed measure of products, circulation and time for marketing within As the cash price for network marketing rises, you benefit from the upside exchange potential of your ad-block holdings while enjoying the guaranteed buying power of pocitcoin to purchase marketing products for your business needs.

150 Ad-Block Partner

6 x 25 Ad-Blocks @ $500 USD/mo.

Limit: 50 takers

Total Commitment: $3000 USD @ $2 ea.
Buy-back Option
: $30,000 USD @ $200 ea.

Total time: 1500 days or 4 years and 40 days

300 Ad-Block Partner

6 x 50 Ad-Blocks @ $1000 USD/mo.

Limit: 25 takers

Total Commitment: $6000 USD @ $20 ea.
Buy-back Option
: $60,000 USD @ $200 ea.

Total time: 3000 days or 8 years and 80 days