The City Network

Pocits is a world of online city networks where people, organizations and companies can connect more than just socially with contacts but also publicly with the residents of their town and beyond too.

The Pocits network simplifies your personal or corporate digital life with transmedia solutions that consolidate the utility of multitudes of single purpose apps and web services. At Pocits, you possess full ownership, control, and responsibility over your identity, content, and communications; no data mining.
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Home and Office networks are the private places of people and corporations. It's their place to engage with contacts and follow their interests. City networks are public places where residents and visitors can connect and share in the Commons.

Commons: Book (Profiles)

The Commons business and community center has four interactive media hubs; Book, Topics, Mall, and Town. Post and share, browse and discover, or search and find. Content is curated and readily accessible. Engage with the people, organizations and companies in your town and beyond.

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Directories, Promotions, and Advertising are the three classes of Pocits' products to market your business content and community activities. Marketing apps are free to activate on your corporate and professional profile and feature to visitors with upgrade fees for circulation to the Homes and Offices of users and to the City where residents can search and find or browse and discover them in the public Commons.

The Token

Pocitcoin is a digital token created on the Bitshares exchange offering guaranteed utility and value! The token's utility derives from its acceptance to redeem a suite of marketing products at The token's value is its fixed measure of products, circulation and time thus constant buying power irrespective of Pocits' cash price for those products! The token's cash price derives from free-market bid-and-sell activity on the bitshares exchange driven by business sector demand for Pocits marketing products and its business-consumer network dynamics.

Pocits is an acronym for personal, organizational, corporate information, transmedia systems. The pocket logo symbolizes individuality, privacy and control.

Network and interact casually, professionally or corporately with your private contacts only such as friends, associates, clients, and staff or engage publicly within the Commons of each Place. Each identity type possesses distinct user functionality and responsibility.

Share privately or publicly in a variety of direct and aggregated forms for your casual, community or business objectives with the ability to curate and retrieve content. Your data and communications are your property and responsibility.

Seamlessly navigate throughout each of the Commons four media hubs to browse or feature your personal or corporate big picture story to a variety of audiences. Search and find, or discover and follow others. Each media hub is distinct having both commercial or non-commercial applications.

The Pocits NETWORK is a series of regional networks where members can connect privately with contacts or publicly as residents within their city and beyond as a visitor. Pocits geo-networks are autonomous with a multitude of ways for people, organizations, and companies to participate in policy and governance.