At, 100% of the advertising revenue earned from your town stays in your town! By simply marketing goods and services within the Pocits NETWORK you help to support enterprise in your community via grants to local projects. To sponsor a specific project, simply purchase tokens directly from their shopping cart including the Pocits PROJECT itself.

(Note: Membership is by invitation prior to the network's public Sign-Up Event.)

Five ways to participate

Got a project? Post a personal, community or business project at for residents to endorse and sponsor and gain an enterprise grant. Eighty percent of the total supply of pocitcoin is distributed as grants to member projects. Eight times the amount raised from sponsors is granted to the project's self-directed Enterprise account to fund workers, exchange with merchants, and/or sold peer-to-peer and on the exchange. Know how about crypto exchanges not needed!

Consult, develop, operate, or otherwise assist in any role defined by the project and earn pocitcoin. Project's use your tokens to fund the purchase of goods and services from, participating merchants, and may exchange them for cash from their regional reserve or sell them peer-to-peer, on Pocits XCHG, or on Bitshares DEX.

Endorsements from people and corporations are an essential part of validating projects for grants. Endorsers are people and corporations who review, validate, recommend, sponsor, and/or advise a project. Endorser's may also participate in a project's development as a worker or volunteer.

Support your town's local enterprise by marketing your business at pocits. It's a win win! Each product purchased at, releases eight times the amount available to projects as grants. Ten percent of the total supply of pocitcoin is distributed to members for purchase as sponsors. Proceeds are retained in your regions local reserve account and provide liquidity for tokens grant to projects. To sponsor a specific project, simply purchase pocitcoin directly from the projects shopping cart and/or accept their pocitcoin as a worker or a merchant. Know how about crypto exchanges not needed!

Accept tokens from projects and consumers for your products and services. Pocitcoin balances within Merchant accounts may be used for marketing within the network, to purchase products from other merchants, or exchanged for cash or other cryptocurrencies at Crypto know-how not required.